Who am I?

My interest in metaphysical subjects began in 1988 after a near death experience. However, much of my working career has been spent in the medical industry as a medical technologist doing project and laboratory management as well as in sales in the pharmaceutical industry. Vibrational healing is my passion and aligning Mind, Body and Spirit to the rhythm of life is a means to a joyful and calm way of being.

Science and Spirituality are intertwined. Everything forms vibrational patterns and the key for us is to find our unique note – our inner harmony. We all have the opportunity to harmonize our flow to a note of joy and to live our lives on purpose.

How can Mind-Body-Spirit therapy help you?

If you are generally feeling low & unsupported

If you feel stressed & off-balance

If you are feeling hopeless with no direction

If you have unresolved relationship issues

If you are generally out-of-sync with your life & others

My Rates

1 hour = R320
1.5 hours = R380

As this is a personalised treatment, you can select a combination that suits your needs. For example, you may want a session of Reiki followed by Sound Healing or Counselling followed by Reflexology.

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