What is Sound Healing? Tune Up For Better Health!

Pythagoras is said to be the first person to use sound and harmonic frequencies for healing. He was inspired by listening to the different notes and tones produced by the blacksmiths’ hammers.

Everything around us is in constant motion and vibrates at its own frequency. Because we live in an interconnected environment, we are all part of a singing Universe. We each have our unique note. The cells, tissues, and organs of our bodies hold their own resonant frequency. Theoretically, when we are in good health, we are vibrating in harmony. Disharmony and disease occur when a part of our body is out of harmony with the rest of our being.

Dyan Belonje Cape TownLinguistically, there are cues to indicate how well we resonate with a situation or a person. For example: she is not on my wavelength. Or we are in sync or in tune with one another. You may feel a bad vibe or might be feeling off key.

Over the centuries, people have used sound to create harmony in the form of sung prayers and mantras, chants at healing ceremonies and using drumming to settle arguments. Aum is the resonance which is said to contain all of life’s pulsations and connects us to the infinite vibrations of the universe.

What ‘tools’ can be used to awaken a person to their note and promote harmony in their body, mind and spirit? There are Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, ting shas and the human voice!

The sounds produced by these instruments/tools are meant to stimulate the body to rediscover its unique harmonic frequency by ‘making’ it vibrate with the frequency of the instrument used. The body is given a chance to be reminded of its own harmony and should continue to hold that resonance independently.

Dyan Belonje Cape Town

This happens through the process of entrainment which basically means synchronising your body to an external frequency.

Dyan Belonje Cape TownIn the 17th century, Huygens documented that two pendulum clocks that are hung on the same beam would start to oscillate in synchronicity. They entrain to one another and tune into the vibrations in the common field. This is also seen when an opera singer holds a particular note and a glass breaks. Her voice creates vibrations in the air around the glass which causes the glass to start vibrating as well. If she sings loudly enough, the glass will vibrate and shatter. So through entrainment, the powerful vibrations of one object are able to change the less powerful vibrations of another object.

Singing bowls create rhythmical vibrations throughout the body and the sound of these harmonic vibrations stimulate an increase in alpha and theta brain waves. These are the waves associated with relaxation. The brain waves become synchronized with the body, and the body with the mind. In this way, the opportunity for body-mind healing opens up.

Why would you come for a sound healing treatment? Just think of it as a tune up! Something to remind your body and mind how to operate at their optimum level. Get in touch for more info.