Why Should You Care About Your Vagus Nerve?

Our VAGUS nerve facilitates the 2 way communication between our brain and most of our organs. This mind-body connection gives us our ‘’gut feel’’ as information is relayed from the brain to the gut and back.

Why do we want optimum functioning of the VAGUS nerve? We will be better equipped to handle stress and control inflammation. Stress and fatigue can inflame this nerve. BUT, if we stimulate our VAGUS nerve we can lift our mood and relieve anxiety and depression.

How do we do this? Singing and chanting and laughing!! Yoga and Tai Chi are great options. Also try deep diaphragmatic and slow breathing or… go for a head and neck massage. Supplements you could take for your vagal nerve health are: Zinc and Omega 3 Fatty Acids (especially DHA). And last, but definitely not least, balance your gut microbiome! J

Caring about our VAGUS makes us healthier, happier and better able to handle stress!!♥